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Gablestock Coarse Calf Mix - Improved Product

THE essential coarse calf mixture for getting calves off to the best possible start.

Early development of the rumen is the heart of the Gablestock Coarse Calf Mix. Formulated with high quality, palatable and digestible ingredients to maximise feed intakes and improve calf health. A unique blend of natural plant extracts increases intakes and DLWG encouraging quicker development of the rumen. Directly absorbed by the brain via the nasal cavity it helps to reduce stress.

Micronized beans and peas are combined with soya to provide the correct amino acids to develop skeletal growth. Gablestock Coarse Calf encourages early consumption and provides unique energy and carbohydrate sources to enhance muscle development, growth and weight gain. Home-Grown rolled oats and barley allows early frame growth without causing digestive upsets.
Containing a specific calf mineral package to meet the health needs of the young animal. B-vitamins help the rumen digest cellulose increasing forage efficiency. Vitamin E and selenium included at good levels for a strong immune system to maximise growth. Zinc is present in all tissues and very important for keeping the hoofs hard so reducing lameness.

At Gablestock we know the importance of getting the most out of the calves and are committed to producing quality, cost-effective feed delivering results in your live-stock.