Our History


Gablestock was first established in 1991 at Witham Mill, Long Bennington.

The original water mill had been in operation for over 200 years, until the mill was modernized in the 1960’s and the water mill was removed, and power was replaced with electric motors.

The mill saw new management in the 1970s and started trading as Agriservice, specialising in compound animal feeds and seed cleaning for farmers. In the early 1980s another building was erected on site to house a new molassed coarse mixture plant, the main core of the business being coarse mixes for ruminants and horses. Further alterations enabled the manufacture of small animal feeds and dog foods.

In 1991 after farming cereals, and living in the surrounding village for 40 years, a local farmer acquired Agriservice and re-named it Gablestock. After several years working at the site, with the business growing, it was decided a new location was needed, a green field site close to the village was ideal. Plans were put into place, and in 2002 the new mill was completed.

A state of the art mixing plant was installed, improving the production time and more importantly the quality of the products being produced. At the same time Gablestock became members of UFAS (Universal Feed Assurance Standard), ensuring higher quality control measures, and full traceability of all ingredients used.

75% of what Gablestock sell is manufactured on site using our own farm to provide home grown cereals and pulses.