Traditional Coarse Layers Meal
Traditional Coarse Layers Meal

Traditional Coarse Layers Meal Poultry Feed


A complete feedingstuff suitable for feeding to laying hens, ducks & geese. This is a premium quality feed that gives fantastic results.

Beware of imitations this is the original 'coarse' layers meal recipe and still the best.

Contains cooked linseed oil, a good source of omega 3 fatty acids. Can be fed dry or add water to make a tasty mash. Formulated using wheat grown on our own farm.

Oil – 3.50% Protein – 16.00% Fibre – 3.00% Ash – 15.50%

COMPOSITION: Wheat, Hi-Pro Soya Meal, Micronized Maize Meal, Calcium Carbonate, Cut Maize, Split Peas, Oat Groats, Lintec(cooked linseed meal), Minerals & Vitamins, Mono-Calcium Phosphate & Soya Bean Oil.

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