Sheep & Lamb Feeds Universal 16
Sheep & Lamb Feeds Universal Mix 16

Universal Coarse Mix 16 – Sheep & Lamb

A 16% protein molassed coarse mixture suitable for sheep & lambs. Ingredients include home-grown barley & oats. A balanced mineral pack provides excellent vitamins and trace elements. Contains added sodium chloride to minimize problems with urinary calculi.

Composition: Rolled Barley, Wheatfeed Pellets, Wheat Distillers Pellets, Soya Hull Pellets, Mol-Glo Plus(molasses + soya oil), Beet Pulp Pellets, Rolled Oats, Micronized Maize, Micronized Peas, Hi Pro Soya, Locust Beans, Minerals & Vitamins.

Analysis: Crude Oil – 3.00% Crude Protein – 16.00% Crude Fibre – 9.00% Crude Ash – 6.50%

NOTE: Not available for courier delivery on single bags. Minimum delivery one tonne. Delivery available nationwide please ring for a quote. Collection available six days a week.

Price: £7.25 per 25 kg for pallet rate please ring.

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