Universal Concentrate 30 – Sheep & Lamb

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This fully mineralised high energy universal concentrate is designed to complement your home-grown cereals. Including high levels of quality protein from soya and dark grain sources to balance out your ration whilst supporting the requirements of the livestock. The high quality premix supplement allows the dilution with cereal whilst still delivering the nutrients required. Micronized beans and peas maximise the palatability whilst maintaining rumen health. Lintec, is derived from linseed, increasing the health status of the breeding stock by boosting the beneficial omega 3 oils in the diet.



NOTE: Not available for courier delivery on single bags. Minimum delivery one tonne. Delivery available nationwide please ring for a quote. Collection available six days a week.


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Hi Pro-Soya Meal, Wheat Distillers Pellets, Minerals & Vitamins, Mol-Glo Plus(molasses + soya oil), Micronized Beans, Micronized Peas, Lintec(cooked linseed), Soya Bean Oil.

Crude Oil – 5.00% Crude Protein – 30.00% Crude Fibre – 5.50% Crude Ash – 15.00%

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